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Gavin de Hautecoeur: (that I presume since I am not Terl ; but i am pretty sure)
Gavin de Hautecoeur: Proof is Terl asked by mail to the Poland's leader for Right Of Way and Harbor usage. Few days before that, Terl asked also Denmark's Leader for Right of Way throu his land.
Gavin de Hautecoeur: I do think so that someone is making tons of assumptions. And tons of assertions. The 10th april, the french army was travelling from field 227 to maritime field 1039
RP-Mod-Espen Ardnax: Now you might say "That's exactly what the North did to Ireland!" however, they had the advantage of the defender bonus and greater numbers. ;)
RP-Mod-Espen Ardnax: That said, I don't know what went on in any private communications, but from what I see in the chat and on the map, this is yet another example of a clique picking on someone smaller
RP-Mod-Espen Ardnax: I'm pretty sure it was the "Let's make peace and have a joust after a single battle" that was rebuked, not the "sure, let's fight"
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